Welcome to the Style Guide

The KCI Reader-Based Writing Style Guide (Style Guide) is designed to help you bullet-proof your writing. Use it to learn the elements of classic business writing style, to find answers to frequently asked questions about preferred usages, or to trouble-shoot a document before you send it out.

The Style Guide is organized by three views to accommodate the different preferences for accessing information. This page is the Index View. To use it, find the topic you are looking for in the index list at left. You may click the alphabet letters at the top to jump to the categories alphabetically, or you may simply scroll down. The topic you select will then appear in this window. Continue using the index on the left to select new topics.

The other two views are Book View (for those who prefer to go through the style guide page-by-page) and Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) View (for those who seek answers to a specific question).

You may also link to related resources such as Webster's Dictionary and Roget's Thesaurus online.

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