Welcome to the KCI Resource Page. Here you will find links to useful ONLINE dictionaries and databases that can speed up the production of your business documents because you won't need to fumble around looking for books, pages and words. Instead, simply click on the resource you need and type in what you are looking for, and the computers do the rest.

Basic Reference

Webster's Hypertext Interface. Webster's Dictionary Online. Look up spelling, meaning, usage, pluralization, pronunciation, tenses, etc., at your finger tips.

Roget's Thesaurus. Find the exact word to convey the meaning you intend.

Index of Online Dictionaries. If you can't find what you're looking for at any of the resources above, check here. It has foreign language dictionaries and specialized dictionaries on everything from bookbinding to biotechnology.

Specialized Reference

Acronym Finder. Looking for the expanded version of that acronym or vice-versa? You'll find it here. You can also find abbreviations.

Babel. A reference for computer terms and acronyms

Quick Data

U.S. Census Data. Find zip codes, city maps, information about U.S. cities, and more at this hot spot.

Switchboard. Look up names, phone numbers, and addresses. If it's in the white pages, you'll find it here. Never call information again!

The Big Book. This is the yellow pages of the internet. Find the business you are looking for down to a map of its location.

Technical Groups

Society for Technical Communications. A national organization for those who work in the world of technical communications. This organization has several regional chapters, regular meetings on topics of interest, employment opportunities, and conferences.

For Your Computer

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