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Brad's Chevy Training Center

Cottage Grove Chevrolet training programs are self-paced with 24/7 access.

Welcome to Our Team

Brad's Chevy Cottage Grove Chevrolet is happy to welcome You to our team. This program will help you understand more about us and help you start out on the right foot.

The Art of Relating

This program uses the well-known practice of grounding prior to interacting with others to improve communication and the overall outcome of each interaction.

Reader-Based Writing 1.0

This program is designed for those who speak English as a second language or those who want a quick review of their writing skills.

Participant learn to use KCI's POWR writing process. Using this high-speed writing process, participants learn to write documents that focus on the bottom-line. Then their documents become clear, concise, action-oriented, and easy to read. Editorial comment and review are included.

Conflict Management

Throughout Our Professional And Personal Lives We're Faced With Conflict.

Conflict can be Positive, leading to improvements in processes and attitudes.

Conflict can be Negative, leading to loss of productivity and even anger.

This program identifies common conflict styles and provides skills that can be used to encourage positive outcomes in both professional and personal relationships. We also address what to do when conflict escalates.

CEU credit is available for all programs.

Technical Briefings

Technical Briefings is a easy to follow program that will help you plan, organize, and deliver clear, concise messages. Whether you use this method to improve your sales averages or communication skills, your messages will be clearer if you use these techniques.

Couples Communications

This program will help you understand where the conflict in your relationship is coming from, and offers suggestions that will help you improve your relationships with others.

Reader-Based Writing 2.0

Reader-Based Writing 2.0 is an advanced writing program. Participants learn to systematically write clear, concise, action-oriented emails quickly and easily using KCI's high-speed POWR writing process. This process teaches you to Plan, Organize, Write, and Revise everything from quick emails to lengthy, more intricate technical reports.

Editorial comment and review are included.

Train-the-Trainer Library

Purchase a single program or the entire library. Options include: presentations skills, technical presentations, writing skills, conflict management and blended programs like leadership & strategic communications. Client's like Boeing have customized versions of our programs and have been using KCI online training programs for over 10 years with excellent results.

These program libraries are an affordable answer for many companies who are using in-house trainers who may lack effective training program content. Program packages are available with affordable, annual rates.

Contact for more information.