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Reviews and Excercises

"You should plan, organize, and deliver all of your business communication
in the same manner."
- Dr. Steve Kanten


About This Program
This program has two goals:

  1. In the online prework portion of the program, you will use KCI's POD process to plan and organize an 8-10 minute technical presentation.
  2. During this program you will learn helpful delivery techniques.

Time Required
This program module takes approximately 45 minutes to read. However, you should allow 2 hours to complete all of the action assignments.

To Navigate This Program
Click the Next or Back arrows located at the top and the bottom of each page. You can also use the Speed Click tabs in the Progress Bar to quickly move forward or backwards through the program.

Program Worksheets
You will use two templates that will facilitate your work.

  •  Presentation Planning Worksheet - designed to record important decisions about your presentation
  • Speaker's Outline - a form that you use during your technical presentation to assure that your audience understands your overall objective

The templates are available within the program as they are used and by clicking on the Templates button located on the left side of each page.

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