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Custom Training Libraries

Rock solid, process driven content, at affordable rates, available 24/7...

finally the problem of company-wide training is solved. Rates as low as $5.00 a month!

Custom Training Libraries


Reader-Based Writing 1.0      Reader-Based Writing 2.0


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A comprehensive soft-skills training solution.

Libraries are SCORM compliant, ADA Compliant, password protected, and easy to use.

Most training programs qualify for CEU credit.

Comprehensive employee skills training - can be as close as their phone!

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Your Company Training Library includes:

-    The Art of Relating

-    Briefing Techniques

-    Conflict Management

-     Couples Communications

-     Technical Briefing Techniques

-     Reader-Based Writing 1.0

-     Reader-Based Writing 2.0

These programs will help your employees learn new communication skills.
Good Communication is the focus of all successful companies. 

Comprehensive analytics are provided. Printed or paperless certificates of achievement are date/time/year stamped. All custom programs are ADA Compliant.

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