Business and Technical Communication Skills Training
KCI Training began providing Communication Skills workshops in 1990. Participants in KCI Training programs learn how to plan, organize, write,
revise, and deliver clear, concise, audience-focused written and verbal presentations.

Our proprietary processes are repeatable. Participants who use KCI's comprehensive tools benefit from powerful presentations that captivate audiences, increase audience involvement, and contain action plans to move your ideas from thoughts into reality.

KCI Training Programs include consultant-led workshops, group seminars, and self-paced online programs.

Distinct differences in our training programs' effectiveness are especially apparent when participants present technical and scientific ideas. We understand the unique challenges of presenting technical information to audiences and we help participants craft powerful presentations with positive results.

Successful presentations are priceless. Let KCI increase your return on investment on every presentation you deliver.
KCI's client list is impressive. We have enjoyed the opportunity to deliver presentation and writing skills programs to many of todays' best and brightest.

Fortune 100 Companies training expectations are high.
KCI has met these expectations for over 25 years.

Please visit our Students tab and take a look at the online courses that KCI delivers. We look forward to developing workshops and designing programs for your company too.

                      MEET OUR CLIENTS
KCI is located in the resort community of Park City, Utah. This retreat setting creates an excellent atmosphere for training workshops. Visit our Events tab to discover our Open Enrollment Workshop dates and locations.

KCI Training participants learn critical communication skills including how to:

  • Plan, organize and deliver your message.
  • Deliver informative and persuasive presentations.
  • Focus on points of vital interest.
  • Manage stress and stage fright.
  • Use verbal and nonverbal delivery techniques.
  • Create dynamic introductions, summaries, and clear action plans.

Using these skills transforms an average Presenter into a Pro.

Captivate audiences, motivate listeners, and get your message across!

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