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Critical "Presentation" Skills
Participants in KCI Presentation Skills Training programs learn how to plan, organize, write, revise, and deliver clear, concise, audience-focused presentations. They also learn how to successfully direct a Q&A session.

KCI's programs are tailored to fit client needs via onsite consultant-led workshops, group seminars, and self-paced, online programs.

Distinct differences in KCI's programs' effectiveness are especially apparent when participants present technical and scientific ideas. We understand the unique challenges of presenting technical information to audiences and we help participants craft powerful presentations with positive results.

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Writing Training Today Means Email, Not Punctuation
Today's most effective managers are setting corporate standards for email content and coaching their teams to improve communication. KCI Management Email Training is the key.

Managers learn to train their teams "What to write . . . When" strategies and "How to organize the main points of your emails" so that your readers can skim.

Managers who teach others to write emails in a bottom-line fashion save time and money. Companies can avoid costly communication errors when email strategies are used.

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Reader-Based Writing 1.0
Reader-Based Writing 2.0

Executive, Technical, & Scientific Presentations

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It's okay to be nervous, but it's not okay to lose your audience and fail to deliver the presentation your team is counting on to help them complete the mission. When you're preparing a technical presentation you need the pro's at KCI Training. Our programs will help you to:

  • Plan, organize and deliver your message
  • Deliver informative and persuasive presentations
  • Focus on points of vital interest
  • Manage stress and stage fright
  • Use verbal and nonverbal delivery techniques
  • Create dynamic introductions, summaries, and clear action plans

Over 25 Years of Technical Experience

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